♡ His smell. The smell on the pillow he Always slept close to, his white fur still on My clothes, his water and foodbowl, his small house he loved sleeping in with his white fur in. The sound of his steps and the joy of playing with his favourite toys. The sound when he like the food and his tiny paw asking for food carefully touching You. And then the look in his beautiful blue eyes ... the look When he want’s food, want’s to cuddle and the look telling You that he loves You. Then the cuddle When he slept in my lap ore on My chest stretching out like he is flying. His purring and milk pedaling in front of the fireplace on the soft fake sheepskin. When he was carried over My shoulder. Oh, he loved haning there and he was there often going around in the house with me, looking out. His tiny paws on the green grass ore when he soaked in the sun both in and outdoors. I can go on forever and i Will because the emptiness he left is heartbreaking. I miss him SO mutch, We all do so so mutch. Right before i’m falling asleep i ask that This is not real. That Madison get’s her friend back and does not have to go and search for him like She does now. We just want You back Banto 😥🐾



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